Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I participated in a "quiltlet" swap on one of my yahoo groups and this is the one I received. I absolutely love it. The saying on it is one of my favorites from the bible and I really wanted this one when I first saw it. It was a random drawing, but I was lucky and got the one I absolutely wanted. It was made by a lovely lady named Leslie, who lives in Florida. Her husband works for of my "bucket list" things to see. Also, anyone who knows me, knows I am a total Mickey fanatic. I hung the quiltlet so that I would see it every day. It is up in one of my favorite corners of my house. I have all of my "purple" stuff there as you can see. The doll was made by my friend Susanne in Australia, the purple dress form pincushion was made by Wendy in Canada, the purple flower pincushion was made by Chris and for the life of me, I can't remember who made the butterfly. The little black sewing machine in the background was my Mother's when she was little, the little purple sewing machine I was lucky and won on E-bay and as you can see there are other little machines down the way. I love these little machines and I really want a couple more. I haven't been able to find the ones I want, but I will eventually.

Have a great day everyone.


Monday, October 13, 2008

It's a Finish!!

This is the quilt I finally finished for Beth, with Beth holding it up. I had promised her a couple of years ago that I would make her a quilt and life got in the way. It was really perfect timing that I was finishing it up on Saturday and Beth and her Mom were due any minute at my house. I was still working on it when they arrived. I hid the back of it and we got to talking about quilts and I had to again hear the ribbing about the fact that I had made a quilt for everyone but her. I took her over to the cutting table and showed her the back of the quilt! I am not sure, but I think she was stunned. I had finally kept my word and made her a quilt. I am proud to say that I had a hand in raising this beautiful young woman. When she was younger and would get into mischief, she always knew she had 4 parents to deal with instead of the usual 2. We have loved her since she was a little girl and have enjoyed watching her grow to the wonderful woman she has become. A few month's ago, Beth learned that she had Sarcoma, needless to say we were all devastated. She had the surgery and the tumor was removed entirely intact, she was very fortunate and our prayers were answered. She has gone through quite a bit the last few month's, but I have faith in God that this was a lesson that had to be learned and that she will be able to soon continue with the life she had planned with her cutie patootie husband. We won't know until sometime in December if all the cancer is gone, but I have faith in god that it is. We are looking forward to "grandchildren" and we know that it will happen when it's meant to be.

I love my "girl" and I hope she enjoys her was made with lots of love and is meant to help surround her with love and the healing powers of the angels.