Sunday, February 7, 2010

Back in the Saddle again!

Well...I never expected to be away from my blog for this amount of time...did life and commitments ever get in the way. My husband had his second knee replacement in December and for the most part it all went pretty well. We had a little bit of a rough patch, he has lost a lot of weight...dang him...but he is on the road to recovery. I also got rid of a commitment that was draining me physically and mentally and now I am ready to play and try some new things....I feel like I lost a ton of weight myself...unfortunately I wasn't so lucky.... It's all still there! New Year's resolution I am trying to keep...not so many pounds gone...but some inches. I have been sewing quite a bit. I have made 3 rag quilts since September and I have the top to a fairy panel quilt ready to layer and quilt...hopefully I will start it today. I have been practicing my machine quilting by making pot holders out of some old quilt blocks that I bought at a garage sale this summer. That has really been fun. A wonderful A Legacy of Stitches (I don't know how to do the whole link thing) has a Yahoo Group...SeasonsBOM has challenged us to make a mini quilt every month representing that month. I have my January one done and will post a picture in my next blog post. I will also be posting the give away I promised months ago...I finally got my act together and now it is all ready.

I feel re-energized and ready to really sew this year. I am making signature blocks with some fabric I wouldn't ordinarily pick..but I had started them in the hopes of participating in a swap that I didn't get to sign up for in I am going to make a bunch up with the fabric that I bought and I am taking them home with me to Colorado in May and I am going to have all our friends and family sign them. Then I will bring them home and make a quilt for me out of them. I can't wait.

I thank everyone that has stayed around even though I haven't posted and I hope to be posting some new and exciting things I have made in the next few months'

Thanks for taking the time to hangout with me for a bit as you read this long post.

My best to all,