Thursday, August 14, 2008

Great Give Away

Take a look......great blog and great give away.


Treasures from the past

I found this pincushion at a garage sale yesterday. It got me to thinking about why I love old "stuff" and garage sales. This pincushion was obviously made by someone who was very creative. The pincushion itself is store bought and old, but how it was put together is really pretty cool. I am not sure I can describe it, but trust me it's creative.

I think that one of the reasons I enjoy garage sale so much, is the hunt for all things old, that I can turn into something else. I enjoy thinking about what someone used the items I purchase for. Did the bowl I buy sit on a table with candy in it? Did the linens I purchased belong to an older relative? I think about those things when I buy at garage sales. Pretty weird I am sure, but many things go through my mind while I am looking at treasures from the past. I went to a psychic once that told me I was married to a carpenter that built furniture in another life. I truly believe this, because of my love of antique furniture. Now if she would have told me I had been a model...that would have never body type in this life or any other would never have made a good model!

I also think about what to turn my treasures into when I make my purchases. Lately my "stuff" has been mostly for making pincushions. I have become totally addicted to making them thanks to my friend Mariah and the Yahoo Group, Crazy About Pincushions. I got to looking at them all last night and I can't believe the amout of pincushions I actually have. It makes my bland sewing area look pretty good though.

There are 3 estate sales in the area this weekend, so I have to sneak away from work to get to them all....I can't wait to see what will end up in my car, without much effort on my part.

The treasures that I buy from the past will make old treasures for someone in the future....kind of cool to think about.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Life's Heartaches

Yesterday was a very long day...It was the 3rd anniversay of the death of my friend's son, whom I loved to pieces. She found him in his bed..he was 15. I had just left her house and I was the first person she called before the paramedics. I raced back to the house and I will never forget seeing that beautiful little boy in his bed...dead. I wear one of those popular rubber bracelets that she had made after his says "Sober or Die"...I think that says it all. I never leave my house without this bracelet and I never will. Trevor struggled with his addiction, but we thought he had been sober for 10 months. WE were lulled into believing the best, but should have suspected the worst. He tried hard to stay sober, but in the end, he sucummed to peer pressure. "Friends" that he wasn't supposed to see, caught him in a moment of weakness the night before he died. He was looking for his sponsor and found these "friends" instead. One of the young men had stolen liquid morphine from his dying grandfather...they taunted Trevor until he drank it. Liquid Morphine will not get you is time released and lethal. Even prescription drugs can kill kids that have no idea what they are taking. Knowing that his parents would be very upset with him, he went home and told them his stomach was upset, being the dutiful mother that she was, my friend tried to settle his stomach down with Pepto Bismol, when all he really needed to save his life was a shot of Narcaine.

The above happened on the 10th of August. On the 11th, my friend and I were scheduled to have lunch for our Birthday's..mine the 3rd and hers the 12th. I picked her up...the last thing she did before leaving the house, was check on Trevor...he appeared to be sleeping...we had no idea he was really dying. We had our birthday lunch, came home and life changed greatly after that. Trevor was an only child and the only one my friend will ever have. If I could change that day, I would in a heart that my friend could have the son back she loved so much.

Life is short and full of heartaches...tell those you love...everyday that you love them. We never know when it will be the last time that we get a chance to do it.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Another Birthday

Sunday was my birthday and one year closer to a speed limit. Can't say I am looking forward to next year's birthday. The thing I do look forward to is everyday I spend on this earth. I have come to realize that everyday we are alive is precious and we should be thankful that we are still here to spend the day making a difference in our own lives or someone else's. I often gripe and moan about things happening in the world and my own state for that fact, but overall, I feel blessed to wake up every morning to see what the day is going to bring. I love the fact that I can communicate with ladies all over the world through my Yahoo groups. I can communicate with friends and family by e-mail and my cell phone and even fuss with my husband on a daily basis! All his fault of course! Eveyday that I learn something new amazes me and it shocks me when I learn something new about myself along the way. I find that my perspective of things that used to irritate me is different now that I am getting "older". When I was younger, it used to irritate me that I couldn't fit more into a I am thankful for all that I can accomplish in a day.

I also find myself being more vocal with my opinions. When I was very young, I would not let anyone know what I was I age, I find that I don't have that problem anymore...I usually say most of what I am thinking, and I find that getting me into hot water sometimes. I usually try to be kind and gracious, like my grandmother taught me, but I can tell you it's very hard to do depending on the situation. My kids and husband always get exactly what I am thinking for good or bad...if I can't be honest with them...who can I be honest with?

Today will bring more of the crappy sun and heat...I so look forward to the rain!

Have a great day.