Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Next Quilt

I took a class sometime ago to learn to make a bullseye quilt. The class was a failure, but I still intend to make the quilt. I found a new circle cutter that is awesome. It is made by EZ Quilting. I am going to start cutting the rest of my circles this weekend. I am doing this in all purple's. I can't wait to get the circles sewn on to the bases, so that I can begin recutting them. I still have not decided on the lay out of the quilt, there are many to choose from. I am also taking a quilt top to be quilted by our LQS in today. I am hoping to have it finished before Christmas, but out LQS takes a long time to get the quilting done. It is a very simple quilt made our of angel fabric, so I am hoping that the quilting will make it look more jazzy is the only word I can think of.

I have been working on some machine embroidered squares for another quilt that I want to have done before Christmas...they are done with old and classic cars. I using all black embroidery thread and the square will be surrounded by black and white fabric strips. I have a vision of this quilt, but if the vision comes out of my fingers that will be another thing! I do enjoy quilting, but I have yet to convince myslef that I am any good at it. Time will tell.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I became involved with a Yahoo Group almost three years ago called "Crazy About Pincushions". It instantly became an addiction to make pincushions. I love doing them. I have probably made a couple of hundred pincushions over the last three years. I keep thinking I will run out of ideas, but since joining the group, everything I see has the possibility of being a pincushion. There are over 600 talented members of this group. Many of them work with felted wool and hand craft the most unbelievable pincushions in numerous shapes and sizes. Mariah, the group owner, has an eye for color and making great pincushions using wool. Suzanne, one of the moderators in Australia, is amazing. I think that she can make anything into a pincushion. Then there is Luann(, the moderator from Texas, she incorporates her felted bears into her pincushions. I am a proud owner of one of them. This group actually first inspired me to go outside of my comfort zone to try something different. We did a swap of triangle bags and that is the first time I put a zipper in anything in my life. It was am amazing experience and has made me a stronger crafter. I will add pictures of some of my pincushions I made over the past couple of years.

Monday, March 24, 2008

First Day

Today is the beginning of a new journey for me. I decided to start this blog for all those ladies like me that are not certain of their talent. I am a simple crafter, but one who loves to craft more than anything else I have ever done. I have many crafter friends who have talent beyond anything I can ever hope to achieve....Pat.. Ru...Karen...Mariah....Jean . You ladies all inspire me everyday and always encourage me to try things that I otherwise would not have. Mariah talked me through my first triangle bag with a zipper...Ru helped me learn to make 1/2 square triangles and snowball blocks....Pat always helps me to find easier ways to make things....Karen just flat out inspires me. Jean is my partner in crime (fabric shopping mostly) and one of my very best friends. We sew together(well we try to between laughing) as often as we can. I am going to try to get some more pictures of my quilts and pincushions tomorrow. Have a great day everyone.