Wednesday, December 9, 2009

In Honor of Daphanie

We sometimes get caught up in our own little world and forget that there is a bigger world than our own. A friend of mine, Karen, recently lost a very dear friend and family member of hers.

Daphanie was her quilt mentor, friend,loved one, inspiration and encouraged Karen to become the outstanding quilter that she is. A piece of my dear friend is now missing and I know that she is hurting and wishing things were different and Daphanie was still with her. I didn't know Daphanie, but I felt her spirit and inspiration every time I saw a new project that Karen attempted and most beautifully completed. Daphanie got Karen started into the crazy world of fabric and quilting. What Karen has done with that gift is nothing short of amazing and I know that Daphanie will always be proud of what Karen has accomplished and what she will continue to accomplish in the future.

So even though Daphanie is no longer with us, her spirit will live on in Karen and Karen will continue to be inspiration to those of us who wish they could quilt 1/10 as well as Karen.

I know that you are sitting on a quilted cloud somewhere in Heaven Daphanie! You will be greatly missed.



*karendianne. said...

Oh Anett, you bring tears to my eyes. You've captured the very essence of her very important loving legacy.

I pray that Daphanie will always be proud of what she gave me and what I've done with that gift. I like to think she's always going to be tied to me with thread between worlds, between heaven and earth. Uh. Oh Anett. This is so beautiful a gift of your writing. Thank you so much. Love, *karendianne.


My heart goes out to your friend Karen--may she know that others feel her pain and share it--
Hugs to you both--Di