Thursday, September 23, 2010

I have a headache now

I decided to be brave and participate in a 9 patch block swap over at little did I know that I was going to have such a terrible time making these blocks.  Now I have made 9 patch blocks before without a lick of problems.  They were to be made out of civil war fabrics...totally out of my comfort zone.  But, thanks to a wonderful friend of mine, I had some fabric and I went to my favorite and beloved Fabric Depot and bought some more.  This is the result of my efforts.  I had to make 78 blocks of the 6.5 inch size and 50 of the 3.5 inch size (not shown) I used three different machines and a ton of fabric that went in the trash.  But they are now done and if the post office does its job, they will arrive in time, so I won't be a late sender. 

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