Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Design Wall Wednesday

I found out last Wednesday that one of the children of my Grand Daughter Michelle, who I have just reconnected with was having a birthday this coming Friday.  Well my first thought was she needed a quilt.  I had made pillowcases for all of the kids a couple of weeks ago and Tristan..the youngest thought it was a blanket.  Michelle has since found her curled up in it, I made them rather big and she is just a little bitty thing, so she fits inside!  LOL  So last Thursday I quickly and I do mean quickly made a quilt top.  Had lots to do on Friday and Saturday, so I started to quilt this on Sunday

and finished the quilting on Sunday..I started sewing the binding down last night and finally finished it this morning.  The quilting is pathetic and I am not very proud of it, but the whole thing is made out of Flannel and I am hoping that Tristan will love it.

I am however kind of proud of the label...below

I watched a you tube video on how to do the blanket stitch this morning and I think for a first came out pretty good. This quilt and some craft stuff for my grand daughter will be off in the mail this morning...I am just hoping it arrives on Friday for Tristan's birthday.

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday.



Norma said...

Lovely little quilt and I'm sure it will be well loved. I emailed you recently - it's ages since we were in touch.
Norma x

Frog Quilter said...

Lovely quilt. Frogs are my favorite. On the quilting - remember we weren't born quilters but we grow over time, with practice...