Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Next Quilt

I took a class sometime ago to learn to make a bullseye quilt. The class was a failure, but I still intend to make the quilt. I found a new circle cutter that is awesome. It is made by EZ Quilting. I am going to start cutting the rest of my circles this weekend. I am doing this in all purple's. I can't wait to get the circles sewn on to the bases, so that I can begin recutting them. I still have not decided on the lay out of the quilt, there are many to choose from. I am also taking a quilt top to be quilted by our LQS in today. I am hoping to have it finished before Christmas, but out LQS takes a long time to get the quilting done. It is a very simple quilt made our of angel fabric, so I am hoping that the quilting will make it look more jazzy is the only word I can think of.

I have been working on some machine embroidered squares for another quilt that I want to have done before Christmas...they are done with old and classic cars. I using all black embroidery thread and the square will be surrounded by black and white fabric strips. I have a vision of this quilt, but if the vision comes out of my fingers that will be another thing! I do enjoy quilting, but I have yet to convince myslef that I am any good at it. Time will tell.

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