Monday, May 5, 2008

Jane Doe Day

I have a friend, we will call her Jane Doe, and she is one of the funniest friends I have never met. She is an online friend and a total kick in the pants. She has the quirkiest outlook on everything, and is more insightful than anyone I know. She is also a very fine seamstress and awesomely talented. No matter how long it has been between “our talks” the warmth and love always comes back the minute we chat. I have spoken to her on the phone several times and she makes me laugh until I cry. Along with my friend Mariah, they totally have taken me out of my comfort zone in sewing and creating. They both challenge me to do things I would not have tried. We had “The most Unusual Pincushion” contest on CAPC sometime ago and Jane then became the Queen of Pincushions. She created pincushions out of clear plastic Salt and Pepper Shakers and then gifted them to me. I have them in a place of honor as you can see in this picture(They are in the upper right corner). She is also one of the strongest and most determined of the women I know. No matter what happens to her in life, she always has a positive attitude, and I am proud to call her “Sister”.

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