Monday, June 9, 2008

Granddaughter's make life good

We have had our Granddaughter Nikki with us for about a week now. She goes home next Sunday. She resides in Colorado with our son and daughter-in-law and wants to become a hair stylist. She is an absolute GEM! She is keeping my husband on his toes...his game leaves a lot to be desired and she is totally taking advantage of him and I love it. Nikki has inherited a wonderful sense of humor from her grandfather and is using it against him every chance she gets. She has made me laugh so many times, I am sure my ribs will be sore until she leaves. I am taking Thursday off to take her shopping and I can't wait. I started a quilt for her and finally finished it on Saturday (picture will be posted tomorrow) I embroidered a label for it and when she saw it, she almost cried. I only did a simple rag quilt, but I used some lady bug fabric and she absolutely loved it. I also gave her a couple of my rings..I have many. I had purchased a garnet ring some years ago because it was my baby's(her father)birthstone. Since she is Daddy's girl, I gave it to her and I also gave her a birthstone ring of mine(peridot). She has big hands like her dad and grandpa, so she is going to have to get them resized.....I told her to hit her dad up for this one. All in all it has been a wonderful visit and I am sure this week is going to go fast and it will be time for her to leave.........I know I will be crying at the airport.

Have a good week all............


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Kari & Kijsa said...

Sounds like a great visit!! what fun and memories!!

kari & kijsa