Friday, June 27, 2008

A new project of Hope

My friend Jean and I have been partners in crime for over 20 years now. Her daughter calls us her "bonus" set of parents. Recently Beth (Jean's) daughter found out she had a tumor in her stomach. We all were at the hospital when she had the surgery to remove the tumor. Jean and I stayed up most of the night keeping watch over our girl. They sent the nasty tumor out for biopsy and a few days ago came back with "We don't know what it is, we have to send it to a different lab". Well we have all been waiting on pins and needles for the outcome. We found out on Wednesday that is it s high level sarcoma. Not what we wanted to hear. The doctors are baffled as to what to do for Beth, as this tumor was only attached to her abdominal wall,with most high level sarcomas they are attached to other organs, Beth's was not. We are fairly positive she will need some form of Chemo therapy, but they are not sure what that will be yet. Thinking about this yesterday, I decided to make Beth a quilt of angels. This is the beginning of it and I have some darker floral fabric for the top and bottom of the squares. The kids had a vacation planned for this next week, the doctors told them to go, but be careful Beth did not over due it. So today I am working on this, so if Beth has to sit in a chemo chair, she will have love and angels surrounding her and keeping her safe.



Karen Dianne Lee said...

The gift of spirit is strong within in your my friend. Anytime we can express ourselves, in this way, with such depth and such care is nothing but SPIRIT.

The entire circle - Jean, Beth, You and all spouses will heal underneath the wings of that Spirit my friend.

What lovely work this is, under the care of lovely hands, with a lovely heart.

Quiltdivajulie said...

What a gentle and heartfelt project you are embarking upon... may the angels watch over you, too.