Monday, July 21, 2008

Another Love

As many of my friends know, I totally love quilting, but I have another love....pincushions. I rescued this one from a seller on e-bay. It was very ugly when I received it, but I saw potential. I spray painted the chair, recovered the cushion and made a stick pin for it. I now love it and so glad I rescued it from someone that totally did not appreciate it. I have many, many pincushions and I love to make them also. In one of my earlier posts, I talked about getting a whole bunch of wool. I have since made wool "balls" and have made several pincushions from them. My first pincushion came from a much loved neighbor of mine that I befriended when I was about 8 years old. She was the grandmother of a girl that lived on our block growing up and this girl at the time totally did not appreciate her I was so close to mine, I started doing little things for Mrs. Nortnick and we fast became friends. I used to sit and watch her crochet ( I really should have been asking for her to teach me) . We continued our talks and my running errands for her until I was 16..that year she became ill, but before she moved and later passed away, she gave me the most darling little turtle that she used to keep by her chair. I still have it and it sits amongst the many pincushions I have now, but it started a love of the little things that has lasted my whole live. Every time I look at that little gold turtle with the red velvet cushion, i can fondly remember a woman I spent much of my youth with.

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