Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dress Form Pincushion

I had a few minutes to myself this morning and I thought I would try this. I have two other dress form pincushions that were given to me in swaps, but I have never tried one myself. I must admit that I cheated with this one and used an embroidery design that made getting this done super easy. Instead of just using fabric to make the dress form, I also added some cotton batting to make it firmer before I stuffed it with wool roving. I did a little bit of embellishing and now I can add this to my collection of Mickey Mouse stuff. This was really fun to make and my friend Susanne in Australia, basically challenged me to make one using Micky fabric....thanks Susanne!


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Heather said...

Anette.... thank you for visiting my blog.

I have sat an read all your interesting posts.

I will try to put a tutorial on my site on the "signature" in the very near future.

Take care.