Sunday, May 3, 2009

I am trying something new

Like I really need to do that! This is a little penny rug that I started this weekend done out of a couple of wool sweaters that a friend sent me. No pattern, just making is up as I go along. I am really enjoying doing the hand's very hard on my bad hand, but it is fun and good exercise for that hand.

I have the pennies cut...I have to do the stitching around and finish putting something on the tea pot. I have no idea how to attach the pennies, but I am sure there is a you tube out there somewhere to help me. that's how I found out how to do the blanket stitch and I am sure I can find out how to attach the pennies when I get all the stitching done on them. This has been a busy weekend and I had to do this to keep me sane!!! Not sure it helped!

I am also still test sewing designs for my friend...then next one is really cute....will post a picture when it is finished. It is on the embroidery machine now.

Happy stitching,


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