Thursday, August 14, 2008

Treasures from the past

I found this pincushion at a garage sale yesterday. It got me to thinking about why I love old "stuff" and garage sales. This pincushion was obviously made by someone who was very creative. The pincushion itself is store bought and old, but how it was put together is really pretty cool. I am not sure I can describe it, but trust me it's creative.

I think that one of the reasons I enjoy garage sale so much, is the hunt for all things old, that I can turn into something else. I enjoy thinking about what someone used the items I purchase for. Did the bowl I buy sit on a table with candy in it? Did the linens I purchased belong to an older relative? I think about those things when I buy at garage sales. Pretty weird I am sure, but many things go through my mind while I am looking at treasures from the past. I went to a psychic once that told me I was married to a carpenter that built furniture in another life. I truly believe this, because of my love of antique furniture. Now if she would have told me I had been a model...that would have never body type in this life or any other would never have made a good model!

I also think about what to turn my treasures into when I make my purchases. Lately my "stuff" has been mostly for making pincushions. I have become totally addicted to making them thanks to my friend Mariah and the Yahoo Group, Crazy About Pincushions. I got to looking at them all last night and I can't believe the amout of pincushions I actually have. It makes my bland sewing area look pretty good though.

There are 3 estate sales in the area this weekend, so I have to sneak away from work to get to them all....I can't wait to see what will end up in my car, without much effort on my part.

The treasures that I buy from the past will make old treasures for someone in the future....kind of cool to think about.


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