Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Another Birthday

Sunday was my birthday and one year closer to a speed limit. Can't say I am looking forward to next year's birthday. The thing I do look forward to is everyday I spend on this earth. I have come to realize that everyday we are alive is precious and we should be thankful that we are still here to spend the day making a difference in our own lives or someone else's. I often gripe and moan about things happening in the world and my own state for that fact, but overall, I feel blessed to wake up every morning to see what the day is going to bring. I love the fact that I can communicate with ladies all over the world through my Yahoo groups. I can communicate with friends and family by e-mail and my cell phone and even fuss with my husband on a daily basis! All his fault of course! Eveyday that I learn something new amazes me and it shocks me when I learn something new about myself along the way. I find that my perspective of things that used to irritate me is different now that I am getting "older". When I was younger, it used to irritate me that I couldn't fit more into a I am thankful for all that I can accomplish in a day.

I also find myself being more vocal with my opinions. When I was very young, I would not let anyone know what I was I age, I find that I don't have that problem anymore...I usually say most of what I am thinking, and I find that getting me into hot water sometimes. I usually try to be kind and gracious, like my grandmother taught me, but I can tell you it's very hard to do depending on the situation. My kids and husband always get exactly what I am thinking for good or bad...if I can't be honest with them...who can I be honest with?

Today will bring more of the crappy sun and heat...I so look forward to the rain!

Have a great day.


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