Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wooly Bully

For some time now, I have wanted to learn to work with wool. I have made some small attempts...using wool roving for some pincushion stuffing and making felted wool balls for pincushions....do you see a theme here! I have also wanted to learn to make needle cases and penny rugs etc. I attempted to cut some wool last night to make a small pin for a swap, I stupidly signed up for. Thinking I could do this was my first big mistake. Now any one that truly works with wool, will not understand my problem. My problem is, I realized I don't have the right color wool to really make a nice project. So...I will be off to the store this evening to pick up a few more colors. I belong to a Yahoo group called Wooly Buddies, where I am hoping to learn more about working with wool. So far on the group, I have found so many ladies that know their "Stuff" about wool. Sandi - Wooly Buddy Shepherdess is a wonderful over flowing fountain of information. She had a contest the other day, to win a bag of wool scraps...I actually won...I was amazed. I am very determined to make a penny rug...I have the pattern, but I haven't found the exact colors of wool I want to use.

Wish me luck, as I make another attempt at making the pin this evening!


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