Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Baby Quilt #1

This is the first baby quilt that I have finished for my new Great-grandbaby. Of course the first one had to involve purple. I love doing rag quilts...they are fast and fun. While I was planning this one this weekend, I planned out two others. One of them is going to involve some machine embroidery designs and some piecing. I am really trying to expand my quilting this year. I will never be a master quilter, but I do enjoy it and I have fun and that's all that is really important to me. Everyone I have made quilts for..seem to enjoy them, even though they are not like the quilts that most of my friends make. They are master quilters. You all know who you are too! I have a few of my baby things that I am going to include in the package with this quilt. My granddaughter Nikki is very sentimental and I am sure that all that I send her will be treasured and used for the baby.

Till next time.....


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