Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Block party

I have been playing with a few blocks over the past couple of weeks.  I want to do a signature block quilt for when I go home to Colorado in 3 weeks, I am going to take some blocks with me for my friends and family to sign...these are the two blocks and  fabrics I have done a test drive with, but I not sure this is bright enough for me.

I think that both settings are great, but think I am more partial to the upper setting.  Included in this quilt will be several blocks signed by friends from around the world.  I will be sending blocks to Australia, Scotland, England, Canada and several states here in the Us.  I truly want to include all of my friends and family in this quilt for me. 

At the same time, I have also tried an additional block called a bow tie block.  I really am not into piecing like this, but my friend Pat in Canada keeps trying to convince me I can do everything...she keeps talking (which is not unusual for her) and I keep listening...not doing some of it, but listening!  LOL  The blocks I have tried are below.
I think the yellow fabric was too light weight and I don't like how the seams show, but they were fun to make and I would seriously like to make a quilt using these blocks.

Until next time,


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Anonymous said...

......and as usual Pat's talking has worked out!!
I keep telling you can do absolutely positively anything you want!!
I'll shut up now!!