Friday, April 2, 2010

Love surrounds us....

"Like the stars swirling around this fabric, Eddie's love also surrounds us. His t-shirt reminds us of times shared and that he will always be in our hearts"

I made this pillow cover out of a t-shirt of my nephew's that passed away almost 4 years ago. His sister (my oldest niece) has had a terrible time with his passing. So I am going to send this to her this week as a reminder that although he is physically gone, he will always be with us. Eddie was very smart and loved his family more than anything. I am also working on a t-shirt (from Eddie's t-shirts) quilt for my sister-in-law that is just about finished. It has been very hard to do, not technically, but I am glad it's almost done.

I hope that every one is having a great start to their weekend.....Happy Easter to all.

till next time.....


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