Thursday, April 16, 2009

My new Doll and my new little girl.

Some people have talent and some purchase it. I am one of those who purchase it. This is my new Sunbonnet Girl. A lovely woman, Carla from Florida, on my Pincushion group made this. she had posted one on the group. I e-mailed her and asked her what it would cost to get one. In the end I sent her the spool fabric and a little bit of money and little girl arrived. Isn't she lovely....I can hear Stevie Wonder in my head....yes I am hearing voices tonight!

On to my other little girl. I have spoken to Nikki my granddaughter and they have picked out a name for the baby......Serenity Rose.....I would have preferred Eileene Rose or Mollie Rose....but I didn't get to pick.....maybe next time.

Have a good evening!


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Mariah said...

Cute pincushion Anett...must be nice to have friends in creative places!