Tuesday, June 9, 2009

When Life gives you lemons

you suck them DRY! Lots of things have happened over the past couple of weeks...let's just say if I had any brains, I would have a nervous breakdown...but right now I just don't have the time or energy to do it! John is doing lots better and working on his rehab now. His therapist, that is coming to our home, is telling him that he is doing better than all of the rest of his patient's with the same condition. So things are progressing in that area.

I have been making some baby shower gifts for my Granddaughter. I am making some tags to put on bags of candy.....I will post a picture later. They are really cute. I have several things I am making on my embroidery machine also.."In the hoop" presents that I will be sending next week. I have another quilt to finish, but I doubt that will happen before the shower, but definitely before the baby is born. For some reason, I am really looking forward to the is Great-grandbaby, probably because she will be the daughter of one of my favorite grandchildren...I know we are not supposed to have favorites, but Nikki and I have always had a special bond.

Anyway....time to get to work again.

Have a great rest of the week



Candace said...

Anett - you commented on my blog today that you would like Group 2 of my patterns...there is no other way than this to contact you. Please let me know ASAP with your mailing address if you would like the patterns. Thanks!

Sandi said...

Glad to hear that John is doing so well. You were certainly handed a lot of lemons and I don't know how you kept it all together. You are fortunate to have so many grandchildren. I have just one grandson and that's probably all there will be. I guess he will have to give me lots of great-grandchildren. :-) Right now, he is practicing his caregiving skills by taking care of his Webkinz. LOL!