Monday, July 20, 2009


I have always worked on simple quilts...absolutely NO fancy piecing. I have a very dear friend who has been after me for some time to try some piecing. Are you out there Pat!!! So as you know, I went out on a limb and signed up for the signature block swap. I made one block tonight and also tried some half square triangles. I must be having a good night, a couple of Caramel Apple martoonies (martini's) after a really really long day really helped....both blocks came out great. The only problem is there are 70 ladies signed up for the swap. Holy cow dung...I am totally freaked out. Oh for a for a pound. these are not the fabrics I am using for the signature blocks, they have to be civil war type fabrics. guess what I will be doing this weekend in 100 degree heat....starting on these blocks.

Pray for me everyone...I am going to need it.



Anonymous said...

Holy Shivering Sheep Dung done it!! You done it good!! I am proud!!

Sandi said...

I did a swap of signature blocks last spring. The first directions given were from one site that did it one way but the blocks didn't always come out at 6 1/2". So then someone came up with a better way and you made the blocks slightly larger and then trimmed them all down. I missed the posting of that version and did all mine the first way. Got 40 blocks (out of 60) done before I checked them for size and they were almost all 1/4" too small on two sides. Of course, I was nearing the deadline (this was back when I was also doing the Emma's quilt), so I was panicked. I contacted the swap leader and she said "not to worry as they wouldn't be sorting the blocks for at least three weeks." I went out and bought more muslin, grabbed new fabric from my stash and whipped up 60 new blocks. It was worth it as the blocks I got were all lovely and from all over the world. Going to make them into a simple wallhanging for above my computer desk. Good luck!!!

*karendianne. said...

Right on!!! You go girl. Can't wait to see more.