Sunday, April 20, 2008

It's a finish

Today I had an unprecedented day off and took advantage of it by sewing. I finished three wall hangings that have been in my UFO pile forever. The first one above is one I hand embroidered. This is the first time I have hand embroidered in probably 30 years. The black and white fabric came from my friend Mariah and the red polka dot was bought at a yard sale.

This one...I bought just the top from e-bay a very long time ago and did some quilting and added the binding and voila it's finished.
The last one...kinda sucks. I started this while I belonged to a Yahoo sewing group and the woman on the group ended up not being very nice, so I put it away for awhile and finally finished it today.

All in all it was a good sewing day. I cleaned up some messes in my sewing area, made my poor neglected husband a nice dinner and got some sewing done. It amazes me how much I miss it when I don't get a chance to sew.

My crazy quilter friends are very supportive and helped me get through the day with much laugher. I also learned how to add pictures to my blog today in the messages, instead of just to the side of it. So for now it's a finish!

1 comment:

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Right on!

I just love how you dive in and do it. I'm so NOT brave. And you knock out three little machine quilted items in a day.

Wise use of time Love, *karendianne.