Monday, April 7, 2008

Side Tracked again

Well, I was side tracked this weekend by some fabrics that were calling my name. I needed a new cover for an old Singer machine in a cabinet. I made a runner for it...I have posted a picture. I used all sewing themed fabrics. I bought the "bricks" from Ebay and couldn't figure out what to do with them, but they called on Sunday and I answered the call. I had a really good time working on this little project and I am happy with the result. I am in the process of quilting it....always a challenge for me. I am determined this time to free motion quilt this and see if I can finally master stippling....I am holding out hope, but I am not sure how this will go. I was told over the weekend that I should have more faith in my quilting abilities...she is a good friend! My Chatelaine is still on the design wall, but I have pulled together the rest of what I need to finish it. I hope to do that this evening. I am almost finished with the little hand embroidery I was working on.....I was looking at it last night and I realized how long it has been since I have hand embroidered. It obviously, from my work, is a craft that needs to be done more often than I have over the past few years. The stitching looks like this is my first project and by no means is.....oh well, I guess the old saying of using it or losing it is really true in my case! It was fun and I hope to do better on my next little project.


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Karen Dianne Lee said...

I love these little bricks with the sewing theme. Very neat.